Minna no Nihongo 1 | Lesson 4-1

Lesson 4-1

1. Vocabulary

Let’s study vocabulary together through this clip !


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① じかん・ようび「〇時〇分」「Oようび」

Time・Day in a week「~ o’clock ~ minute」「Day ~」

Sign of hour and minute is written behind numbers to indicate time.

4,7,9 have different way of reading when they go with timeC.
▶4(よん)→ 4 o’clock(よじ)
▶7(なな)→ 7 o’clock(しちじ)
▶9(きゅう)→ 9 o’clock(くじ)

With minute, the way of reading it depends on the number standing before minute.
▶If standing before minute are
2,5,7,9 →「ふん」
▶If standing before minute are
1,3,4,6,8,10 →「ぷん」

Besides, the following numbers: 1,6,8,10 also have a different way of reading when they stand before minute.
▶1(いち)→ 1 minute(いっぷん)
▶6(ろく)→ 6 minutes(ろっぷん)
▶8(はち)→ 8 minutes(はっぷん)
▶10(じゅう)→ 10 minutes(じゅっぷん/じっぷん)

(Besides, there are more and more Japanese read 「3minutes(さんぷん)」、「4minutes(よんぷん)」as「3minutes(さんふん)」「4minutes(よんふん)」)

You can also read 30 min (さんじゅっぷん)as 「half(はん)」

From 0 in the morning to 12 in the noon we call it as「AM(ごぜん)」、
From 12 in the noon to 24 in the evening we call it 「PM(ごご)」

To ask about time, we use the following grammar structure
「何時(なんじ)」( what time ? )

1. 今(いま) 4時(じ)です。
It is 4 o’clock at the moment.

2. 今(いま) 9時(じ)5分(ふん)です。
It is 9 past 5 at the moment.

3. 今(いま) 午後(ごご)3時(じ)半(はん)です。
It is half past 3 PM at the moment.

4. 今(いま) 何時(なんじ)ですか。
What time is it ?
   今(いま) 10時(じ)20分(ぷん)です。
It is ten twenty at the moment.

With day in a week, we use:
Monday 月(げつ), Tuesday 火(か), Wednesday 水(すい) , Thursday 木(もく), Friday 金(きん), Saturday 土(ど), Sunday 日(にち).

Để hỏi về ngày, ta sử dụng mẫu câu hỏi 「何曜日(なんようび)」

5. 今日(きょう)は 月曜日(げつようび)です。
Today is Monday.

6. 今日(きょう)は 何曜日(なんようび)ですか。
What day is today ?
   今日(きょう)は 水曜日(すいようび)です。
Today is wednesday.

The end

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