Minna no Nihongo 1 | Lesson 8-4

Lesson 8ー4

1. Vocabulary

Let’s study vocabulary together through this clip !


After watching the explanation clip about grammar , read all the examples !



(~ .And ,….. )

Use 「そして」 to add more information to the previous sentence.

However, if the previous sentence is an affirmative sentence, the negative word cannot be used on the latter. On the contrary, if the previous term is a negative sentence, the affirmative word cannot be used on its back.

In the case of the two opposite sides as above, we use the concatenation word 「が」 instead of 「そして」. 「が」 is used to merge the last and the first into one sentence.

1.これは 白(しろ)いです。そして、かわいいです。
This thing is white.And it is cute.

2.田中(たなか)さんは 親切(しんせつ)です。そして、静(しず)かです。
Tanaka is kind.And he is calm

3.このコップは 古(ふる)いですが、素敵(すてき)です。
Although this cup is old, it is wonderful/good

4.山本(やまもと)さんは 面白(おもしろ)いですが、ハンサムじゃありません。
Yamamoto is a funny person, but he is not handsome.

The end

Have you understood the grammar of lesson 8-4 yet ?

If you have understood it, you should try to make some examples with the learned grammar!

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