Minna no Nihongo 1 | Lesson 8-1

Lesson 8ー1

1. Vocabulary

Let’s study vocabulary together through this clip !


After watching the explanation clip about grammar , read all the examples !




In Japanese there are two type of adjective, adjective end with (な)and adjective end with (い).In lesson 8-1 we will study about adjective end with (な)

When you use (な)adjective in affirmative form, remove (な)at the end of the adjective and add 「です」behind it.

When you use (な)adjective in negative form, remove (な)at the end of the adjective and add 「じゃありません」behind it

When you use (な)adjective in interrogative form
, remove (な)at the end of the adjective and add 「ですか」behind it.

1.あの女(おんな)の人(ひと)は きれいです。
That woman is beautiful.

2.遠藤(えんどう)さんは ハンサムです。
Endou is handsome.

3.日本(にほん)は 静(しず)かです。
Japan is peaceful.

4.山本(やまもと)さんは 元気(げんき)じゃありません。
Yamamoto is not healthy.

5.部長(ぶちょう)は 暇(ひま)じゃありません。
The general manager does not have free time.

6.子(こ)どもたちは 静(しず)かじゃありません。
The kid are not quiet.

7.渡辺(わたなべ)さんは 元気(げんき)ですか。
Is Watanabe healthy?

Yes, he is.

No, he is not.

8.山中(やまなか)さんは 暇(ひま)ですか。
Does Yamanaka have free time?

Yes, he is free.

No, he is not free.

The end

Have you understood the grammar of lesson 8-1 yet ?

If you have understood it, you should try to make some examples with the learned grammar!

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