Minna no Nihongo 1 | Lesson 6-3

Lesson 6ー3

1. Vocabulary

Let’s study vocabulary together through this clip !


After watching the explanation clip about grammar , read all the examples !



③ 「いっしょに〜Vませんか」
(Would you like to do 〜 together?

When you want to invite other people to do something you use this grammar structure:
(would you like to do something together? )

If the invited said yes, she/he would say:
(Yes, nice idea )
( yes, good idea )

If the invited said no, she/he would say:、
(Sorry, i can’t…… )
( Sorry, I am just not in the mood for it today )
(Sorry, i am busy so …. )

1. 田中(たなか)さん、いっしょに勉強(べんきょう)しませんか。

Hey Tanaka, would you like to study together ?

Sorry, I can’t ……

2. マリーさん、いっしょに公園(こうえん)へ行(い)きませんか。
Hey Mari, would you like to go to the park together?

Yes, nice idea

The end

Have you understood the grammar of lesson 6-3 yet ?

If you have understood it, you should try to make some examples with the learned grammar!

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