Minna no Nihongo 1 | Lesson 6-2

Lesson 6ー2

1. Vocabulary

Let’s study vocabulary together through this clip !


After watching the explanation clip about grammar , read all the examples !



② 「(ばしょ)で〜Vます」
(Do something at …….)
(a place)

Put 「で」behind a noun that indicate place to point out the place that an act is done.

1. 私(わたし)は スーパーで紅茶(こうちゃ)を買(か)いました。
I bought this black tea bag in the supermarket.

2. 山田(やまだ)さんは うちで勉強(べんきょう)します。
Yamada studies at home.

3. 田中(たなか)さんは どこで映画(えいが)を見(み)ますか。
Where does Tanaka watch movie?

   田中(たなか)さんは 映画館(えいがかん)で映画を見(み)ます。
Tanaka watch movie at the movie theater.

4. どこで 昼(ひる)ごはんを食(た)べましたか。
Where did you have lunch?

   食堂(しょくどう)で 食(た)べました。
I had lunch at the dinning room.

The end

Have you understood the grammar of lesson 6-2 yet ?

If you have understood it, you should try to make some examples with the learned grammar!

Next, let’s study vocabulary and grammar of lesson 6-3 !→ Lesson6ー3

Follow me!


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