Minna no Nihongo 1 | Lesson 5-3


1. Vocabulary

Let’s study vocabulary together through this clip !


After watching the explanation clip about grammar , read all the examples !



(Do something with someone)

You can use particle「と」( and ) to talk about people that you do an act with

When you do some by yourself( alone)、you say「一人(ひとり)で」(alone)。

1. 私(わたし)は 田中(たなか)さんとうちへ帰(かえ)ります。

Tanaka and I go back to my house.

2. マリーさんは 山本(やまもと)さんと学校(がっこう)へ行(い)きます。

Mari and Yamamoto goes to school.

3. 昨日(きのう)山本(やまもと)さんは 誰(だれ)とうちへ帰(かえ)りましたか。

Yesterday, who did Yamamoto go back to home with?

   昨日(きのう)山本(やまもと)さんは 一人(ひとり)でうちへ帰(かえ)りました。
Yesterday, Yamamoto went home alone/by himself

The end

Have you understood the grammar of lesson 5-3 yet ?

If you have understood it, you should try to make some examples with the learned grammar!

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